KOSTELNI prêt–à–porter

KOSTELNI prêt-à-porter is an exclusive ready-to-wear designer's clothing line created by the co-founder and creative director of KOSTELNI Fashion House - Maria Kostelni, for successful and accomplished women who seek unique and exclusive designers' ready-to-wear clothing of exceptional quality only. Each prêt-à-porter collection has its own source of inspiration, its unique style and mood. Each item in a collection is made of the best materials and fabrics, which in combination with its unique design, makes it a piece of art.


KOSTELNI ACCESSORI is an exclusive line of women's luxury leather goods, created by the founder and designer of the KOSTELNI Fashion House - Ruslan Kostelni. This line is designed for successful and accomplished women who value craftsmanship, exceptional quality and unique design in the fashion world. Every leather accessory by KOSTELNI is handmade of the finest French and Italian materials. Over the past 17 years, KOSTELNI have created over 100 leather accessories, each of which is a unique piece of art.