The new autumn-winter KOSTELNI collection is made in contemporary minimalism style in the black-white combination. This time the source of inspiration for the collection was the phenomenon of "core" - every physical object, especially in the biological world, has its own inner world, its own core. However, it is usually hidden and inaccessible. Likewise, everyone of us has her own core, which we can not always express and show.

Creative Director of the KOSTELNI fashion house, Maria Kostelni decided to give every woman the opportunity to express her core by creating the whole collection in a two-way format - each model in the collection is two-sided and can be put on by the external and internal side, depending on context and mood. Thus, every woman now has the opportunity to turn her core outward to the outside world.

"Everything has its core - I want to give every woman an ability to express hers."

Maria Kostelni